Carrera Estate is a privately owned traditional family company of Italian heritage with a long term commitment to excellence, dedication and passion in crafting world class distinctive fine wines, designed to enhance life experiences with food, family and friends.

Our family heritage of wine making originated in a small mountain village in southern Italy where the tradition of wine making was passed down from generation to generation. The wine, produced in limited volume due to vine growing constraints, was of exceptional quality and gained recognition throughout the surrounding villages. Our great grandfather, Domenico, a character of grand hospitality, was known to call out to travelers passing through the village to sample his latest vintage. Once word of his fine wines began to spread throughout the surrounding villages, all wanted the chance to experience something special during difficult and hard times. It was then his mission to ensure the preservation of the family`s trademark style.


Domenico migrated to Australia in 1956 with his five sons to start a new life full of opportunities and dreams. One of these dreams was to continue and perfect his love and passion of fine wine marking. The art of wine making was very much a family affair however, his eldest son Giuseppe shared his father`s tastes and skills required to produce quality wine. In following his father`s footsteps, Giuseppe continued to maintain the original goal of producing exceptional wines for all his family and friends to enjoy.


In 1977 during "La Festa della Madonna" (an Italian religious festival), Giuseppe was introduced to a young man named Francesco who had migrated from Calabria Italy 10 years earlier. Upon sharing a glass of wine together, Francesco commented on how the style reminded him of a wine sampled back in Italy years earlier. After many hours and glasses later, Francesco soon realised that the wine he was sampling was indeed from the same Family he had remembered from Italy.


The friendship which grew between Giuseppe and Francesco was quite strong, resulting in the marriage between Francesco and Giuseppe's daughter Antoinette in 1978. Their family was blessed with 5 children, two boys and three girls with Giovanni and Giuseppe both inheriting the love of wine from their grandfather and father.


In 1990 Francesco and his young family moved to the Riverina in search of a better quality of life. The Riverina, with its hot, dry continental climate, is the largest wine producing region in NSW. It was here that Francesco embarked on teaching his son`s the secretes of wine making, both those learnt by his father in law Giuseppe and those developed through his own experiences.


In 2005, Giuseppe Polimeni commenced study in a Bachelor of Viticulture and Wine making, where he combined family teachings with new age techniques.

2010 - Present

In 2010, Giovanni and Giuseppe created Carrera Estate to bring alive their forefathers dreams of producing quality wine for the whole world to enjoy.

The Carrera Estate Collection